Counselor's Corner

*What exactly does a school counselor do?
Much like a school nurse, my services are available to ALL students. It is my job to make sure that students are happy and doing their best at school. Many factors go into kids doing well – their ability to focus, their relationship with peers and teachers, how well they can manage their feelings, and impulses and their lives outside of school.

*How is a school counselor different from a therapist at an outside agency?
I frequently see children just once or twice, or as part of a social-emotional education group. Although I do help children with family problems or behavior at home, my primary role is to deal with school-related problems. Sometimes an issue is better addressed more intensively in a therapeutic setting with greater parental involvement. Contact me if you would like me to recommend an outside therapist for your child.

*Will I notify you if I see your child?
Children frequently pop in to tell me about relatively minor or time-limited issues like an argument with a peer or the death of a pet. If that happens, I may not notify you unless: there is a safety concern, your child has asked to see me repeatedly, or if the worry/problem is significant (by adult standards). I will always ask for your written permission if I think your child would benefit from regular meetings with me or from being a part of a social-emotional group.