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Hello, and welcome to my classroom.  love being a first grade teacher!  It is so amazing to watch these sweet kids grow. I love teaching them how to read and write!  My favorite point of the year is when they start reading and writing on their own.  They get so excited to share each story. I love their curiosity and zest for learning.     
I am a 2nd career teacher.  I spent 15 years as a medical biller before pursuing my dream to be a teacher.  I graduated with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in 1996.  I taught preschool for about a year before I became a medical biller.  I then graduated with my Bachelors in Elementary Education, with honors, from NNU in 2014.  I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of children since that time.  I taught 5th grade as a long term sub after I graduated.  I then taught 2nd grade for a year and this is my 4th year in 1st grade.  
When I am not in school, I love living my life with my family.  I am married to my wonderful husband Matt, and we have 3 amazing kids.  Our boys are both 22, and have become great adults.  Wes just bought his first little home, and we couldn't be more proud of him.  Our other son Austin, is married to a lovely girl Ariel and they adopted a cute pit bull names Poppy.  Our last baby is still at home.  Miss Avery is 12 years old and a very busy 7th grader.  She loves dancing, so a lot of my extra time is spent at the dance studio or at some performance.  She volunteers her free time to helping your kids too, and occasionally spends her days at the Veteren's Home helping her dad.  They love it as much as she does.   She is pretty great! When we are not at some dance performance, we are very busy with our 3 dogs Diva, Baxter, and Sunny.  
Suggested School Supply List: see resources for more information about how I handle school supplies. 
If you don't have the funds for these, I have plenty of supplies to share with your child.   
*2 - boxes of crayons 
*2 - pks of pencils (10-12 each).  Ticonderoga is the best because the led doesn't fall out after 2-3 sharpens. 
*2 - pink erasers - kids are really hard on these.  This isn't a must have.  
* 1 - scissors blunt please
* 2 - pks of glue sticks (4/pk) - Kids are tough on glue sticks.  They never have enough of these.  
2 - pks of dry erase markers.  1-2 black dry erase markers would be plenty.  The black ones aren't as fun, but they erase the best. I only use colored ones, so they don't get mixed in with mine by mistake.
1 - composition notebook.  I use the primary composition notebooks, and have already purchased one for each child.  I would love to have 1 more for them. I have an excess of the other types of composition notebooks, so I don't need these. 
2 - 2 pocket folders - I don't need these. 
1 - pencil box
1 - backpack
Lysol or Clorox wipes,  Tootsie pops or large suckers for lockdowns, Ziploc bags of all sizes, and kleenex.