Iowa Question and Answer: Beginning Hybrid

Iowa Questions and Answers for Hybrid Learning

What time does school start?
The first bell rings at 8:45.   Please have students dropped off by 8:45 to ensure students are in their classroom and ready for instruction to begin at 8:50.  Student drop off begins at 8:25.  Students will report directly to the classroom each morning.

What time does school end?
We are going to stagger dismissal.  Bike Riders and Walkers will be dismissed at 3:40. Pick-Up will begin at 3:45. Busser’s will begin loading when their bus arrives in a staggered schedule as well.

Are masks required at school?
Yes, a face covering is required to attend school.  If your student does not have a face covering, the school will provide your student with one cloth mask on the first day of school.  We recommend that you label this mask and any other face covering that belongs to your student. It is highly recommended that face masks be washed on a regular basis.  Face coverings can include a face mask (cloth or paper/disposable) or a face shield. 

Do students have to wear a mask on the bus?
Yes, students must wear a mask to ride the bus.  

What should my student bring each day?
Students should bring a facemask, water bottle, iPad, and any other teacher directed material each day.  Please do not send non-school related items (such as toys, sports equipment, etc).

What does student drop-off look like this year?
Our drop-off location has changed this year.  All drop-off students will enter the school through the southwest doors (by the park).  This is the same location that pick-up has happened in the past.  Parents will drive all the way through the parking lot to the new drop-off area.  The supervising adult will then have students enter the 2nd Grade Doors. 

What are the expectations of the virtual days during hybrid?
Students will be on campus two days a week during hybrid learning.  At school, teachers will instruct and prepare students for the independent work required during the online days.  During online days, students will still attend a “live” morning meeting on their ipad.  The remainder of online day, students will independently complete the activities and assignments as outline on the schedule posted inside OTUS.  Teachers will not be available during the day to assist online students since they will have students in the building to attend to. 

Is breakfast available?
All students will have access to free breakfast daily.  Students will eat breakfast in their classrooms.

Will students still eat in the cafeteria for lunch?
Yes, students will eat in the cafeteria for lunch.  They will eat with their “cohort” and will sit appropriately spaced out to assure their safety. 

What is a cohort? 
A cohort is a small group of students that will stay together throughout the day.  Your student’s classmates are considered a “cohort”.  They will do everything together throughout the day.   For example, specialist will be coming into students' room for music, PE, library, and computers.   Cohorts will have assigned areas to play on the playground.  Students staying with their assigned cohort will help lessen the chance of exposure to covid. 

Will students still get a recess?
Yes, all students will receive a recess.  Recess will be scheduled throughout the day and students will go to an assigned zone on the playground where they will play with their cohort.  Equipment will be supplied for each area and then sanitized after each use. 

Will temperatures be taken daily?
No.  Teachers and school staff will do a visual check of each student every morning to monitor for signs and symptoms of sickness (coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, etc).  If a student is feeling ill or has a fever, he/she will be expected to stay home.  If symptoms of being ill arise while a student is at school, he/she will be evaluated by the nurse. 

Will there be a picture day?
Currently, we do not have a scheduled picture day.  We are working with Dorian to see if scheduling one is possible.

Does the district have a suggested supply list?
Yes, please find the district's suggested supply list here.  Please communicate with your student's teacher as everything on the list may not be needed.

May I pick up my student early?
Please do not pick up your student early if at all possible.  Students are only on campus two days a week.  It is so important for them to be here the entire day.  Our pick-up line moves very quickly.  The disruption created in the classroom for all the other students is not worth the 5 minutes you might save by picking up your student early.  Thanks for your understanding!