Here are some websites that we use in our classroom:

Seesaw This is my favorite!  You can see what your child is doing.  You will see pictures, hear them read, see their writing, and occasionally do some math as well.  I love that it allows you as a parent to be part of their day.  Feel free to send notes or voice messages to let your babies know that you are thinking of them.  

Mrs. Computer Lady  This has a lot of the games that they use in computers, and in my classroom.

Prodigy  This is a great video game for the math skills that we are working on in class. 

Xtra Math  This is a great math fact fluency game.

Teach Your Monster  This is a game that the kids love to play for reading.

Get Sights  This is a great game to practice sight words.

YouTube also has some great things to practice skills.  Jack Hartman has some fun things for reading and math.  You can also search for sight words, or counting, and plenty of things come up.