Flexible Seating

When you walk in my room, you notice that things are not like your typical classroom.  I love teaching with movement as much as possible, which means that I need more room.  I have never been a fan of desks because they move and they are always a mess.  After a great deal of research,  I discovered flexible seating.  It doesn't work for everyone, but for me and my sweet first graders it is an ideal solution. 

Click on this link to learn more about flexible seating.  

This link has some great information about flexible seating.  I don't do everything in there, but flexible seating has been amazing in my class.

I love it because: 

·         It helps hold kids' attention. 

·         It allows them to be more engaged in what is going on in our room. 

·         It gives them an outlet to get their wiggles out in a safe and productive way. 

·         It's great for kids that have a need to wiggle a lot. 

·         It allows children to choose where they work best.

·         It gives them a small sense of control.

·         It helps develop community, improves social skills, and is great for collaboration. 

·         It helps them problem solve.  They know if I get involved in the seating choice, that the seat they are fighting over is out of play for the day.  They have to work it out.  

·         They learn that they may work best at one spot for one activity, but another activity their choice of chair doesn't work. 

·         They have to take responsibility for their choices.  The excuse that someone was distracting them doesn't work in here.  They have the choice to move and sit where they want.  

·         Not everyone loves to ask for help.  Because they can to sit where they want, they can sit at my table.  It is a popular place to be, so they can get help without necessarily asking for it.   

·         It is great for strengthening core muscles. 

My rules: 

·         It's first come first serve, but if you run to the chair to keep someone out of it you lose it.

·         If you are fighting over a seat then play rock, paper, scissors.  If I have to get involved everyone loses that seat for the day.  

·         If you aren't working, I will move you. 

·         If you aren't making responsible and safe choices, you will have to sit at one of the desks.

Frequently Asked Questions: 
What happens when they go to a more traditional classroom? 
The great thing about our school is that we share kids.  The have plenty of opportunities to sit at a traditional desk or chair. 

What happens if my child does better at a desk?
  I have access to desks, and if your child needs a desk I will get him or her one.  

What happens if kids are not getting their work done due to the freedom to sit where they want?  I have been doing flexible seating for a few years now, and absolutely love it.  With that said,  I believe that flexible seating is a privilege and not a right.  If I see that my class needs help with their choices on where to sit, I will assign them a permanent spot.    

Where do the kids sit during learning time?  We do almost all of our learning at the carpet.  These spots are assigned so that the students are able to focus on learning.  Their group or independent work is done where they work best.  

What about supplies? Your child will be the only one using the supplies that your brought in.  I have purchased plenty of school supplies for everyone to share for the kids who don't have supplies or are missing things.  These are kept out for everyone to use.  Your child will have a basket to keep their things in that we use daily.  Their school supplies will be kept in their cubby for them to access it when it is needed.