Mrs. Jessen


My name is Mrs. Jessen, and I am a first grade teacher here at Iowa.  I love first grade because they grow so much.  I start the year, with a few kids knowing how to read, write and do math.  They still struggle with their social skills, and they are usually pretty silly.  By the end of the first grade, they are readers!  They write fun stories, and their math is much improved.  They have matured a lot and have learned some new tools to help them problem solve and resolve conflicts.  I follow the Iowa Way in my classroom and have only 3 rules.  Be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.  That usually covers just about everything.  I want all of the kids to feel safe in my classroom, and at school, so we talk about these things often.  I do use the clip chart, and they learn to track their own data.  If they stay green for the month, they are invited to go to a special school wide party.  I want the parents to also feel like they are a part of the classroom.  If you ever have any concerns, please let me know and I will do my very best to fix things.